Pix Trove

About Pix Trove

Pix Trove is a basic website for storing photos for simple access, with no logons needed to view them, and no place for comments, “Likes” or other complexities; Just a simple process for uploading and viewing photos.

The site is intended for specific instances when you may not want to take advantage of the large number of more complex sites available for sharing photos. Posting your wedding photos or office party photos amongst your friends can generate potentially embarrassing comments or link those photos to your online identity for anyone to search out. Using Pix Trove will allow you to share the URL web address, without tying the photos to your name. It's still possible that someone else in your social network may link the two together (“Hey everyone, have you seen this embarrassing photo of…”), but it is intended to make that situation less likely.

This site is still in the early development stage. Should you wish to try it out, we can sign you up for a trial account, on the understanding that the features and conditions of use are yet to be finalised. If you are interested, please read more about it here.

A demonstration of a display page can be seen here. It is intended to refine the layout to some degree, but essentially we want to keep it as simple as possible. The main aim is to have a display that will resize for different screen sizes and allow an optional description under each photo. For anything more complicated than that, a social media or community website may be more appropriate.